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CCTV Camera

All buildings are at risk of burglary, but most people only think about that when it’s already too late. However, there are simple ways of decreasing this risk, as we are going to see in a moment.

Reasons Why We Need CCTV Cameras

  • Why would anyone invest high price in buying CCTV cameras for their business? It’s just like buying health insurance and never using it. Nonetheless, when disaster strikes and you have to use an ambulance and spend a few days in a hospital, you are going to be happy you paid for your health insurance.
    CCTV systems fall into the same kind of purchases. You hope they never prove themselves useful.
  • No burglar would risk to be caught on camera, so they are going to avoid your home and try to break into buildings without security systems in place.
  • Many companies have to deal with internal theft, as employees may get tempted to take various office supplies or other materials when nobody’s watching them.
  • CCTV systems allow you to supervise your employees and see how they treat your customers or how they interact with each other.
  • The absence of CCTV cameras triples your risk of getting burglarized.
  • If burglars break in and find your wife or daughter home, they might rape her.

Do you care about your personal safety? Do you want your beloved ones to be protected and safe? Do you want to be an effective team leader? EYES IN THE SKY is the perfect solution.

Malaysia cctv camera

A Guide To The Most Common Types Of CCTV Cameras

In order to get the best CCTV system, the right individual components must be selected. There is a wide range of CCTV cameras on the market, which may make it difficult to determine the best choice. Every manufacturer claims they make the best cameras, but the fact is that most will not be able to satisfy your needs.

The biggest mistake people make when buying CCTV systems is that they do not check the picture quality.

At EE Automation, we invite our customers to visit our store and choose which camera best suits their needs.

Dome Camera

dome camera super guard 910As the name suggests, dome cameras are basically cameras encased in a dome-shaped housing. These housings are particularly designed not to hide the cameras, but rather to make them unobtrusive. These cameras are typically used indoors.

These units serve two purposes: they let “bad guys” know the place is being watched and also inform patrons that they are safe inside the facility. Units called speed domes are also available, which make the cameras spin inside the housing.

Best Sellers

Super Guard

SG-910 , SG- 931, SG-940


SCD-2022, SCD-2080



IR Camera

Our Super Guard IR cameras provide the ideal and most cost effective solution to ensure your personal safety and property security both in residential and commercial environments. These cameras are weather-resistant, equipped with infrared LEDs that capture video even in low light or no light settings. The units also sport ultra high 800TVL resolution with wide angle views, allowing you to monitor your house and office day in and day out. No matter the amount or type of light, IR cameras with IR-cut can do the job, giving customers peace of mind and eliminating the risk of damage to properties. IR cameras only cost slightly higher than non-IR cameras, making it a wise investment that provides unparalleled security in all surveillance network.

IR camera super guard 89

Best Sellers

Super Guard

SG-IR89, SG-IR91, SG-IR93, SG-IR94, SG-IR95


SCO-2080R, SCO-2081R, SCV-2081R, SCD-2042R

Box Camera

SG box cameraFor more than a decade, Super Guard Box cameras have been the standard in the industry when it comes to versatility and performance. Most box security cameras do not come with a lens, but you have the flexibility of choosing from a wide array of security camera lenses. This enables you to find the perfect combination of the box camera and the right type of lens for the location you will use it for. These units are usually used in indoor settings, but can easily be converted into a weatherproof camera by encasing it in an outdoor CCTV camera housing to shield it from harmful elements.

Best Sellers

Super Guard

SG-BC611, Sg-BC711


SCB-2000, SCB-5003, SCZ-2370, SCZ-3250. SCZ-3430

PTZ/Speed Domes

PTZ Dome SG-SD27xPTZ cameras are perhaps the most versatile security camera on the market. These cameras provide the operator with the ability to pan the camera left or right; tilt it up or down; and zoom the lens closer or farther. These units are typically used in settings in which there is an actual guard or surveillance specialist manning the area. There are also PTZ cameras that have automated functions, moving at different directions on a timed basis. These are perfect for covering wide areas with only a single unit, or to avoid poor lighting conditions.

Best Sellers

Super Guard



SNP-6320H, SNP-6200RH,SNP-3120

Hidden Cameras

hidden camera sg-sd611It is a clock. No, a smoke detector. Wait, it’s a motion sensor. Nope, none of the above. These are covert cameras designed to imitate the style of other common objects found in facilities. Hidden cameras can also include conventional cameras which are strategically placed in discreet locations to avoid detection.

Best Sellers

Super Guard


For a very long time, analog CCTV has been a trusted and reliable security solution for various surveillance networks. In fact, most businesses and even household owners have an analog security system installed. Analog security cameras are particularly attractive to those looking for an easy-to-install, affordable, and dependable security solution.


DVR means Digital Video Recorder and it is an important part of a good security system. By storing surveillance data, you can identify any burglar even if they manage to run away before getting caught. This is the best way of securing your employees’ safety without having someone watching a monitor all the time. Moreover, in case of suspicious activity, the simple word of your dispatcher can’t be considered a proof, should you need it in court.

DVR sg-7000

Back in 1990, the VCR was what everyone used. Although reliable, it was quickly forgotten as soon as digital video recorders became the norm. They record onto hard drives, thus eliminating those tapes which were quite unreliable and difficult to maneuver. Being so much better than the old VCRs, DVRs replaced them in all CCTV system solutions pretty quickly. They eliminated the need of changing video tapes at determined intervals of time, thus allowing business managers to cut the employee costs associated with such operations.

The DVR takes its signal from cameras, through point-to-point coaxial cables, turns the analog signal into a digital one, and then writes it on a hard drive. All encoding and video processing happens in the DVR rather than in CCTV cameras. New generations of H.264 DVRs use up to 50% less bandwidth to broadcast images of equal quality and with similar characteristics as mpeg-4 files. Moreover, being 100% compatible with analog cameras, H.264 DVRs are definitely going to become even more popular in most CCTV systems all over the world.

For the time being, 90% of CCTV systems in Malaysia use classic DVR solutions, thanks to their reliability and relatively low price. Moreover, such systems are very easy to install, which is one more reason to use them. EE Automation is one of the best suppliers of Digital Video Recorders with 4CH, 8CH and 16CH with support for remote viewing on mobile devices or computers.

Best Sellers

4 channel DVR

Super Guard SG-6004, Skycam SK-7004

DVR sg-6000

8 channel DVR

Samsung SRD-876D, Super Guard SG-6008, SG-8008, Skycam SK-8008

Sumsung SRD-876D

16 channel DVR

Samsung SRD-1654D, SRD-1650D, SRD-1656D, SRD-1676D, Super Guard SG-6016, SG-7016, SG-9016, Skycam Sk-8016

Sumsung SRD-1654D

Wired Security Cameras VS Wireless Security Cameras

CCTV cameras can be classified into two: wireless cameras and wired cameras. The obvious
advantage of wireless cameras is that they are easier to install and the give users the ability to move around the units with less effort. The problem with wireless cameras, however, is that other devices in the area such as wireless Internet networks and cordless phones may interfere with the signals.

Wired CCTV cameras, meanwhile, are hardwired into your home or office. The biggest advantage of using wired cameras is that they are generally more unfailing compared to their wireless counterparts. This type of surveillance camera is preferred in permanent setups where hardwiring is possible. Wired security cameras offer an excellent solution to monitor and protect your home, business, or property.

You will need a security camera with a weatherproof housing if you plan to monitor outdoor settings.

In cases where you need to monitor areas that are prone to vandalism, then you will need a surveillance camera with a vandal-proof enclosure. Take a careful look at the camera specifications to ensure that you are getting the right kind of camera for your needs.

CCTV Installation

Our company supplies only the highest quality CCTV cameras, used by multiple industries in both private and public sectors. Should you be willing to have an in-depth discussion about this with one of our experts, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 03-8062 5891.

Here are a few considerations you need to think about before installing a CCTV system:

  1. What is the main purpose of your system? Do you wish to prevent burglaries, supervise your employees or monitor your baby sitter or your children?
  2. Which is the number of cameras you need to install?
  3. Where do you want to put these cameras?
  4. What area do you need each camera to cover?
  5. How many cameras are going to be indoor and how many outdoor?
  6. How many days of recordings do you need to store?
  7. Check out the product demo of your security company. One image is worth a thousand words, so you can imagine how many words is a video worth.
  8. Always choose a security company with a very long presence on the market. Good reputations isn’t built over night. By choosing such experts, you can make sure they aren’t going to run away with your money or leave you when you less expect it.

Case Studies – Quantity Discrepancies

Recently, we are approached by a Chicken Wholesaler who is running the business in Serdang.

She noticed that she received less than the amount she ordered for so many years.  So she decided to get 8 cameras installed at her warehouse.  1 month later, she told us that she caught the delivery man. She received 49 packs of chicken (20 chickens in a pack) but she was billed for 50 packs. Actually the delivery man tried to hide a pack of chicken.

We design and install CCTV systems that are effective, reliable and cost-efficient. For more information, please click here or phone us on 03 – 8062 5891

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