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Why Choose Us

20 Years Of Presence On The Market

We are ahead of everyone else. We progress at the same pace with the technology. Our database of clients includes more than 400 dealers, almost 1000 companies and almost 3000 individuals. We are going to be here for you long after our competitors have vanished.

Top Quality At Affordable Prices

All our products are top quality. You can see that from the very first moment you use our Autogate systems, CCTV systems and Alarm systems, in terms of both performance and definition.

We manage to keep our prices at a low level by purchasing equipment in bulk from our suppliers and passing on the discounts to you.

This is one of the main advantages of EE Automation. You buy high quality products and equipments without having to pay more or to sacrifice quality for affordability. With us, you get the best of both worlds.

Large In-Stock Inventory

Thanks to our huge purchasing power, we are able to maintain a huge in-stock inventory. This means we can deliver you everything you need, right NOW and not in a few weeks or months.

Thousands Spare Parts

If you want to prevent your systems from failing often, original spare parts are the way to go. We’ve got everything you may need, from full board modules to the tiniest chipsets. More than 20,000 original spare parts are here, waiting for you to make an inquiry.

Direct Selling

As direct sellers of the equipment, we can offer you better deals and lower prices. Eliminating middlemen is the way to go for the best possible quality and relatively low prices.

High Quality Services

We only work with the best possible technicians, carefully selected and well-trained. All our customers benefit from the same excellent services and attention to detail.

Expert Staff

Our team of professionals includes a network engineer, an electrician and an electronic engineer, so we can technically sort out any issue you may be dealing with.

Industry Pioneers

We are the first company that made it possible to have CCTV accessible via mobile devices. We provided training to pass on this knowledge to more than 400 dealers.

No Hidden Costs

With us, what you see is what you get in both terms of quality and price. We don’t have hidden fees like other companies in the industry. We don’t ask you for a small price to begin with, then charge you for installation or for optional items you actually need for a smooth operation of your systems. EE Automation is completely transparent, so you don’t have to fear any hidden costs.

Great Experience

Our 17 year experience is a guarantee we can deal with virtually any problem that may occur. We accumulated a good deal of experience during all these years, all of it being now in your service.

High Reliability

When you choose a well-established company, you can be almost sure you can rely on them to meet or even exceed your expectations. With someone who’s new in business, you don’t know what to expect, as they might not be able to sort out each and every problem arising during the installation of your equipment. With EE, you won’t have such problems.

Do You Need More Reasons To Choose Us?

  • We never use old equipment
  • We use only full cables, and not joint leftovers like some of our competitors
  • We don’t share your contact details or other sensitive information with anyone else
  • We only buy from trusted sources, so there’s no chance we end up with acquiring stolen products
  • We are very careful with our employment procedures, in order to make sure we only hire the best local Malaysia workers
  • We follow the installation guidelines step by step, so that you never encounter problems with your systems
  • We eliminated the middlemen, thus being able to keep our prices low for our customers.

What To Consider When Looking For A Security Vendor

The good functioning of your security system depends very much on the expertise of the installation team. This is why the vendor is very important, as they need to employ seasoned experts who know and understand all elements of such systems, from lighting and optics to security, electronics, wiring and IT. The fact that you are able to connect your home cinema system to your TV set doesn’t mean you can go ahead and install your security system.

home and business security solution

It’s common that customers in this industry buy from dealers or integrators. Most of the time, these companies have agreements with several manufacturers in order to supply a wide array of equipment and installation services. There are a few considerations you need to be aware of before choosing a dealer to work with.

Full Range Of Products

Do they really have a large stock of products? If they only invite you to browse a catalog, you might have to wait for a very long time before your CCTV equipment gets shipped. Besides, if they get their products from various suppliers at random, there are good chances they forget where they bought yours from. When you are going to need a replacement, it’s going to be trouble.

Contract Binding

Some companies bind you into a contract as soon as you agree to buy their services. If you get locked in, you might be sorry later on, so avoid doing it. Ay EE Automation, we provide flexible option to ensure our client enjoy the biggest advantages.

Hidden Fees

Read your agreement very well in order to avoid later misunderstandings and hidden fees.


If you can visit their showroom, that’s great. If they don’t have any, this should be a question mark for you.

Spare Parts

You are going to need repairs and maintenance along the way, so make sure they are capable to offer such services to you.

About Us

EE Automation is a supplier and installer of Security Systems including CCTV systems, Alarm systems, Door Access Systems, Barrier Gate Systems, and MATV.EE Automation has been in business since 1998 and has become a nationally recognized leader in the security industry and has partnered with companies like Super Guard, Skycam, Samsung, Paradox and Panasonic. Our area of services include Kuala Kumpur (KL), Petaling Jaya (PJ), Puchong, Shah Alam and Cheras.

Find out more about us here.

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