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Sliding Gate Wheels Replacement

Sliding Gate Wheels Replacement

All our gate bearing wheels are made of high quality steels and are manufactured for durability and easy installation. Most of them are made in Malaysia and some from Italy.



We Repair The Following Types of Gates and Autogate

Commercial Sliding Gates – No matter how heavy or how long the gate is, we can repair it

Folding Gates

Swing Gates

Residential Sliding Gates

Gate Maintenance

It is important to keep your gate and its track cleaned. You have to make sure there are no leaves or sand on the wheels and track.

You have to lubricate the wheels and guide rollers with water based lubricant weekly. White Lithium Grease spray is good for outdoor moving parts. It reduces metal-to-metal contact of the bearings.


Replacing Autogate Bearing


Things to avoid

Remember not to use Grease for the Pinion Gear of the autogate motor, gate wheels, gate rollers, or track. The grease will simply attract sands which will cause even more problems.

Do not go near the gate when it is heavy rain and windy.

How Long Will The Autogate Motor Last?

If the autogate motor is pushing the correct load and you can push the sliding gate by hands, they should last 10 – 15 years. The problem here is when you install the motor on gate that require the motor to work at 100% of its capacity all the time. The motor will simply die faster. For example the maximum load limit of a shopping mall lift is 20 persons, but the lift takes 20 persons all the time, the lift will simply not last. Same apply to Autogate motor, if your autogate motor is rated 1000 kg, you install on a 500kg gate. This way the motor can do the job easily.


Sliding Gate Wheels


What Autogate Brands You Carry?

There are few main players in the autogate market in Malaysia. Mexigate is one of the best. Mexigate is by far the market leader. They produce and supply more motors than anyone else.

We specialize in Mexigate. The reason is that the spare parts are reasonable priced. We carry all the parts from a-z.

If you prefer a particular brand, we can source for you. Please let us know your preference 


Autogate Malaysia Review



This kind of project involves autogate system, electricity and welding. If your contractors don’t feel comfortable tackling it, you can give us a call Eeson & The Team 016 – 639 2272. EE Automation & Technology Sdn Bhd call us today at 03 – 8062 5891 / 016 – 639 2272. Website Our showroom address EE Automation & Technology SdnBhd 33, Jalan Puteri 1/8, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.

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