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Latest Auto Gate System Model For New Year – Auto Gate New Year Promotion

Latest Auto Gate System Model For New Year – Auto Gate New Year Promotion


We got latest model auto gate system for new year designed for swing & folding gate. We install for this customer in BK 6 Bandar Kinrara, he want to change the new auto gate system because the previous autogate always got problem. Customer already survey a few auto gate company before this, we ask customer to come to our showroom to see our autogate model and finally customer choose our latest model auto gate system, he said he like the design and look very durable.



After settled autogate installation he very satisfied with the system and the way we install the auto gate.

Our new auto gate system can support all type of your folding and swing gate. The motor is super heavy duty can open and close anytime and this auto gate system is durable, can last long more than 10 years.How about the auto gate spare parts? No worries, all the spare parts for arm auto gate, autogate dc motor, autogate control system, auto gate transformer, autogate remote control, auto gate back up battery we got. Let say 8 years you using and after that got problem, you no need to worry about spare parts, you can direct change the problem parts.


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Memperkenalkan autogate system terbaru kami, boleh menampung apa juga jenis folding gate and swing gate anda. Kami baru sahaja pasang untuk customer kami di BK 6 Bandar Kinrara, beliau ingin tukar kepada sistem autogate baru sebab sistem autogate yang beliau gunakan sebelum ini selalu sangat ada masalah, baiki autogate rosak balik, tiba-tiba autogate tak boleh buka. Customer sudah survey beberapa syarikat autogate, kami menjemput minta customer untuk datang ke bilik pameran kami untuk melihat sendiri model-model autogate yang kami bekalkan dan akhirnya customer tertarik sistem autogate terbaru kami.


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Sistem autogate terbaru kami, motornya yang sangat tahan lasak anda boleh buka tutup autogate anda selalu dan dengan ketahanan sistem autogate ini ia boleh digunakan lebih 10 tahun. Macam mana dengan spare parts autogate? Anda jangan risau, semua spare parts untuk arm autogate, autogate dc motor, autogate control panel, autogate transformer, autogate remote control, autogate back up battery kami bekalkan. Anda kata sudah 8 tahun anda guna lepas tu ada masalah, spare parts autogate anda boleh dapatkan daripada kami.

Hubungi EE Automation sekarang di talian 03 – 8062 5891 / 016 – 639 2272 untuk keperluan autogate anda dan layari Anda boleh datang terus ke bilik pameran kami yang beralamat di EE Automation & Technology Sdn Bhd 33, Jalan Puteri 1/8, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.

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