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The Difference Between a Good Alarm Autogate Vs Bad Alarm Autogate Company

We just bought a 3 storey shop and started renovation works. The WC and basin are old and dirty, so we decided to replace them.


CCTV Alarm Showroom in Puchong


We got quotes from 2 plumbers and they were all similar around (RM 2500 and RM 2800). The quote comprised removing pipe P trap, wc and basic. We then decided to go for the guy who quoted the job for RM 2800, he seems nice and more professional, has a van and could do the job a bit earlier.

He came with a Proton Iswara during the weekend and half day on Monday. We asked where his van was, he said the van belonged to his friend. He brought a small bag with some tools inside. During the pipes installation, he borrowed ladders, screw drivers and grinder from us. Actually we were not happy that the plumber didn’t have proper tools to carry out the job but we thought he would do a good job.


contractor with iswara                                                                                                                              * Saloon Car is too small to carry tools & equipment


During the job, we didn’t monitor or check on him. When he left, we had a close look at the work and we saw some water leaked from the pipes on the floor. We had to call him back urgently because the water was going to flood the whole floor. He arrived 3 hours later and tried to fix the pipe. He tried to fix it but after 10 minutes he gave up and said it was fault of the fittings and we needed to replace the pipe from Main Water supply. We really don’t know the reason why he hacked & cut the floor.


cctv alarm autogate repair


What to do when the plumber leaves you with a botched job? Contact another plumber to continue the job? Now we got to replace all the tiles and install new pipes. We’re planning to use Buteline Pipes. Buteline pipe is from New Zealand.

This time we’re going to get 3 plumbers to quote.

Here are the information:


  1. Plumber 1 – Never heard of Buteline Plumbing System.
  2. Plumber 2 – Can do, but don’t have the Crimping tools. The crimping tool will cost him RM 210.

CCTV Alarm tools spare parts                                                         * Many vendors want to make money but don’t want to buy tools. If you don’t have the tools, how do you carry out the job?


3. Plumber 3 – Doesn’t want to do the P Trap Removal part. Because it is hard to do. Need to dig a 3 feet deep hole to reach the P trap.

reputable autogate company


reputable cctv company in selangor kajang shah alam

Fine, you guys don’t want to do, we do it ourselves. 



Finding A Good Contractor/ Company

We thought finding a good Alarm, CCTV and Autogate company is hard. But finding a good plumber is even harder.

Alarm & Autogate industry has a reputation not only for charging a lot, but doing most jobs very quickly and goes missing after claiming their full payment. Majority of the alarm companies don’t have proper tools and skills to carry out the job.

Seriously, it is frustrating to see so many culprits in all industries.


Here Are the Steps You Can Take To Filter the Culprits

1. How long have they been in business?

2. Do they have a showroom or office?

3. Do they have a van?

4. Do they have proper tools?


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